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Configuration Directives

All configuration directives need to be specified on a line by their own and must start with a dollar-sign. Note that those starting with the word "Action" modify the next action and should be specified in front of it.

Here is a list in alphabetical order. Follow links for a description.

Not all directives have an in-depth description right now. Default values for them are in bold. A more in-depth description will appear as implementation progresses.

Be sure to read information about queues in rsyslog - many parameter settings modify queue parameters. If in doubt, use the default, it is usually well-chosen and applicable in most cases.

Where <size_nbr> is specified above, modifiers can be used after the number part. For example, 1k means 1024. Supported are k(ilo), m(ega), g(iga), t(era), p(eta) and e(xa). Lower case letters refer to the traditional binary defintion (e.g. 1m equals 1,048,576) whereas upper case letters refer to their new 1000-based definition (e.g 1M equals 1,000,000).

Numbers may include '.' and ',' for readability. So you can for example specify either "1000" or "1,000" with the same result. Please note that rsyslogd simply ignores the punctuation. Form it's point of view, "1,,0.0.,.,0" also has the value 1000.

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